What is Dye Sub Printing?

What is dye sublimation printing, and when is it best utilized? In general, sublimation printing is the preferred method for printing polyester and other synthetic-based fabrics. Digital sublimation printing has spurred explosive growth of custom printed textile-based products used for promotional materials, advertising, events, apparel, home furnishings, and decor. Many companies use sublimation printing for fabric banners, flags, trade shows, and point of purchase displays. Sublimation printing roots trace back to the creation of dispersed dyes between 1923 and 1924. Dispersed dyes are non-ionic and partially soluble in water. During the sublimation process, the water acts as a medium for the dye. When a polyester fabric and dye are combined under high temperature and pressure, the dye transforms from a solid to a gas. This transformation is known as sublimation. The heat also causes the polyester to swell chemically. The swelling opens the fiber’s molecular structure allowing the dye to penetrate the fabric’s polymer system. The dye molecules now take their place in the polyester’s amorphous regions. Once inside the polymer system, hydrogen bonds and Van Der Waals’ force hold the dye molecules inside the polymer system.

Dye Sublimation in the 21st Century

Digital sublimation printing is the next evolution of nearly 100-year-old technology. The combination of digital printing in the late 1990s and much more refined (smaller particle) disperse dye inks brought on a new evolution in textile printing. For the first time, it was possible to produce small quantities of custom printed textiles. The early process was slow, fraught with finicky print equipment and high error rates. There was also a high learning curve in producing accurate color prints because dyes do not behave like pigments.The prospect of creating short-run textiles attracted the necessary talent to allow the market to mature. Today we are on the cusp of a new era in digital sublimation printing. The demand for personalized products continues to soar. Digital printing equipment is now much faster and more reliable. Websites now offer the ability for an individual to upload a photo, corporate logo, custom textile pattern, or other custom design. Most companies offer low minimums and in some cases no minimum orders. To top it all off, the products can be produced and received by the user in just a few days.

Why Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is generally considered a better choice than inkjet printing for textiles. The biggest advantage is that the thermal sublimation produces a finished product that is significantly more durable than an inkjet-printed product. Since the dye permeates the fabric, it becomes a part of the fabric itself. Prints cannot be damaged by wear, as there is no ink on the surface to chip or crack. Compared to other fabrics, dye sub printed fabrics are Lighter in weight Space saving More wrinkle-resistant

Is Dye Sub Printing “Green”

No printing process is perfect, and dye sub printing has its critics, namely those who take issue with the reliance on synthetic fabrics. But even natural fibers like cotton have their drawbacks (Consider that it takes roughly 750 gallons of water — almost three years worth of drinking water — to produce one cotton shirt) While polyester yarns are made from PET, a petroleum-based product, the textile industry has also been the beneficiary of large-scale efforts to create synthetic fabrics from recycled items such as plastic soda and water bottles. Companies such as Patagonia have helped make recycled yarns commonplace in the polyester fabric market. Digital sublimation also produces no VOCs, something that digital solvent and UV printing cannot claim. Companies like FLS have worked to ensure that all of our spent sublimation transfer paper is up-cycled into other products, such as wood pellets, ensuring that it does not go into a landfill. We also pride ourselves on making the best and longest lasting custom printed fabrics. Our products are designed to last for many years, even in the toughest of conditions. We believe in products that last because they are one less thing that needs to be replaced by our customers and one less item in the waste stream. For these reasons, our dye sublimation printing process is an easy choice for those who want the very best fabric printed product with the least impact on Mother Earth.

3 Point Free Proof Process

We understand you may have hesitations about order custom printed tablecloths, table covers, table runners, feather flags or banners online. How can you be assured that you will receive exactly what you expect? To ensure the only surprise you have is how HAPPY you are with your printed product we have created a 3 Point Free Proof Process.

Step 1: A real live person (not some program) reviews the file(s) you submit to ensure they are suitable for the custom printing process and the tablecloth, table cover or flag product you have ordered. We check things like resolution, spot colors, PMS colors, overprints, transparencies and other quirks that may cause issues.

Step 2: We create a full-color to scale proof for your review. We will call out things like specific color matches that have been requested for printing. The proof will show you size, position, and colors. The goal is what you see is what you get. In the case of some products, we will also show you a 3D rendering of your product with your design.

Step 3: Proofs are normally provided in both PNG and PDF formats. The files are delivered via our online proof system so you can review and approve your schedule from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Our online system also allows you to provide direct feedback to our team when requesting revisions or minor updates. Due to our inability to control how colors are presented on various platforms (laptops, desktops, tablet and mobile phones) neither PDF or PNG file should be used to judge final color matches. If color matches are critical to the success of your trade show project please let us know so we can discuss options to ensure your satisfaction.

FLS Banners excels at creating full-color, custom printed table covers, tablecloths, flags, and more for trade shows. No matter the event, you can count on our team to create the printed design you are imagining for your next event. Get started creating your own printed design today!

Custom Fabric Advertising Signs, Banners, & Displays

Custom fabric retail signs make bold displays in store windows or on the side of store buildings. FLS Banners offers custom fabric advertising banners designed for retail window displays and point of purchase store advertising. Custom printed with sublimation inks capable of bold, bright colors, these custom fabric advertising signs will help your message stand out.

Advertising Signs, Banners & Display Types

One of the best ways to use custom signs is to advertise your business and its promotions. Some popular custom fabric advertising banners and signs include:

Banners – Banners can advertise everything from your store itself to specific sales and promotions. They are weather-resistant and durable, and also easy to change when the need arises. Our mesh banners are ideal for stacking between two posts making installation a breeze.

Window Displays – Display details about your business from your windows and capture more walking and foot traffic.

Retail Signs, Banners & Display Types

While fabric signs can work for businesses of all types, they are beneficial for retail businesses. A store window display made from custom fabric signage will be a bright, attention-grabbing addition to your storefront.

Custom fabric advertising displays make it easy to switch out the sign when your promotions change. This means your retail store can always showcase the most current offers in this high profile piece of real estate. Our custom fabric retail signs include banners, retail window display, Silicone Edge Graphics options and more. Our plentiful options means you can find exactly what you need.

Indoor Retail Signs

Custom fabric retail banners can be used inside stores, malls and other business locations. Custom fabric advertising signs can showcase:

  • Product demos and samples
  • New product offerings
  • Sales and promotions
  • Membership club and financing benefits
  • Hilight Seasonal offerings

With FLS Banners, you can display high-quality custom signs to increase brand awareness at your brick and mortar location.

Outdoor Retail Signs

At FLS Banners, we have custom fabric advertising banners made from weather-resistant fabrics and inks. This means you can create custom signs for your location that can be displayed outdoors. Advertise your grand opening or purchase retail signage, flags or SEG prints for your next big sale, and display it outdoors. The fade-resistant printed fabrics will look great no matter the weather.

Design and Order Custom Fabric Retail and Advertising Signs Today

With over 40 years of experience, FLS Banners are leaders in the custom fabric printing industry. We continue to produce vivid custom prints in the USA, using state of the art printing technology at our Wisconsin facility. We offer both wholesale and small custom orders suitable for large and small businesses.

Whether you display them indoors or out, FLS Banners offers a wide selection of custom fabric retail and advertising signs. Printed in full color with double-sided designs available, this retail signage is versatile and eye-catching.

Ordering is simple. Just upload your graphics to our online design platform, create professional designs and approve the proof. Once you are happy with the design, we will print the banner or sign and ship it to you fast.

Custom fabric retail banners and signs make a big difference if you are preparing for a trade show, grand opening, sale, or other event. If you have a brick and mortar retail store, let us provide your sign solutions. Contact FLS Banners now to start the design and ordering process.

Design Checklist

Flag artwork should be set up to allow at least two inches for rleed hems on all four edges of the flag. Irregularly shaped flags, pennants and other shapes should also allow the two inch edge space.

We assume you know, or have someone that is knowledgeable about computer graphics. If not, contact our art department for assistance in art file development. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Publisher files were not designed for professional print production. We do not recommend using any of those programs to create art files. If that is all you have, send the file and we will comment accordingly.

Design Submission Checklist and Recommendations

Here’s a checklist for submitting your art:

  1. Convert all fonts to outlines or include fonts used in upload.
  2. Use vector art when possible (.ai, .eps, .pdf)
  3. Embed all links (between 96-300 DPI at size)
  4. Use solid coated PANTONE (pms) if color matches are critical
  5. Save the file as “companyname-mmddyy.eps” or your order number.

Design File Guidelines

File Guidelines for preferred drawing applications. Click on one of the links below to view the file setup guidelines for your application.

  • Illustrator (File Guidelines)
  • Photoshop (File Guidelines)
  • Corel Draw (File Guidelines)
  • Freehand (File Guidelines)
  • Quark (File Guidelines)

Feather Flag Buyers Guide

Choosing the Right Feather Flag Base

If you have ever encountered a striking feather flag, there is more to it than first meets the eye. Choosing the right feather flag accessories is incredibly important in order to display your feather flag or feather banner successfully.

Types of Feather Flag Pole Bases

FLS Banners carries a variety of feather flag bases that ensure that your flag is stable in nearly any situation. Picking the right feather flag base makes all the difference. These include:

Ground Stake
Ground stakes or spikes add an extra security to a feather flag by anchoring it to the ground. Because the stake must be inserted into the ground, it is most suitable for outdoor environments. It is recommended that you use the ground stake in the grass or compacted dirt for best results.

The X-Base, also called a cross base, is a simple metal base that is sturdy and lightweight in construction. The x-base is configured in an “x” shape, hence the name.

Water Weight X-Base Cover
The Water Weight X-Base Cover is an inflatable donut-like tube that can be placed on top of the x-base in order to secure it better. Because the water weight bag is emptied, it is excellent for travel. If you need flexibility and portability, a water weight bag is recommended.

The water weight bag is filled with water and set atop the x-base in order to secure it better in an outdoor environment. The water weight bag can be emptied of water and easily packed away for storage. The combination of base and bag make an excellent combo for any environment!

Water Base
This base is made of a heavy-duty material that can be filled with water. It is much heavier than the x-base making it suitable for outdoor conditions. This is the most stable platform for any feather flag.

Other Accessories

You may have the best-looking flag around, complete with the accessories you need to keep it flying, but how are you going to carry it? Feather flags can be cumbersome to carry, not to mention more than an armload.

FLS Banners sells quality carry bags that can fit the custom feather flag material, poles, and more in one convenient enclosure. Carry bags cut down on setup time at an event and pack up when it’s time to go home. With a carry bag, you won’t have to take more than one trip from your vehicle and you won’t run the risk of losing important hardware.

Choosing the Right Feather Flag Accessory For the Environment

When deciding what the best feather flag accessories to buy, it might help to consider what type of environment your flag will be in. Since feather flags are appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use, choosing the right stand for indoor or outdoor use depends on where the flag will be used.

In indoor situations, such as a tradeshow or a mall, the x-base makes an excellent choice. The x-base is lightweight, making the feather flag easy to move.

A simple and efficient solution to feather flag security is the ground stake. The ground stake can act as an anchor, best used in an outdoor environment. Tying your feather flag to the ground stake, and inserting it into grass or packed dirt adds extra security.

In the case that you will be using your feather flag both indoors and outdoors, the water weight bag is recommended to be used together. The water weight bag can be fitted over the top of the x-base for use outside or can be stored away for indoor use. Having both gives you more options in where you want to place your flag.

The water base is the heaviest and most substantial of the group. Because of its weight, the water base cannot be moved as easily as the x-base without being emptied of water. However, it is much more sturdy than the x-base and better suited for outdoor conditions. If you are planning to keep your feather flag outdoors for extended periods of time or are keeping it outside in windy conditions, the water base is your best bet to keep it from blowing over.

Choosing the Right Feather Flag Shape

One of the great things about feather flags is that there are so many shapes to choose from. However, choosing the right feather flag shape can be tricky. FLS Banners carries:

This much variety ensures that you have multiple shapes to choose from to best fit the theme of your brand.

The Difference Between Feather Flag Shapes

Feather flags differ from traditional square flags in that they are stretched across a pole frame. This means that they will be fully visible, at all times. Traditional square flags will hang limp when there is no wind or they are indoors.

Square Bottom Flags
Square bottom flags have the distinctive curve of a feather flag to one side while having a straight edge down the other. The bottom of the flag is squared off completing its distinctive shape.

Teardrop Flags
Teardrop flags are so named because of slope at a much more acute angle. The shape they make is reminiscent of a teardrop, hence the name. Since they lack the square bottom of other types, there is less surface area near the bottom, but they have a much more distinctive appearance and modern appeal.

Concave Bottom Flags
Concave bottom flags are similar to square bottom, however, the bottom is more pronounced as the border slopes slightly upward. This shape shares qualities from both the square bottom and the teardrop styles.

Convex Bottom Flags
Convex bottom flags are shaped the opposite from concave, as the bottom rounds outward, rather than inward. Convex style has the most rounded appearance of the different flag shapes.

Swooper Flags
Swooper flags have obtuse angles at both the top and bottom corners.

Deciding Which Feather Flag Shape is Right For You

When it comes down to making a decision, the shape of your feather flag truly depends on your taste and how its shape will convey the message of your brand.

How will your logo be placed in the design? Will you have additional text running down the flag? Do you have additional decorative designs you would like to add to it? Are you looking for a more modern or traditional appeal?

These factors can be considered when choosing a feather flag shape, as using the surface area of the flag is important in the initial design.

Choosing the Right Feather Flag Size

Choosing the right feather flag size doesn’t have to be complicated. FLS Banners makes it simple to pick a size. FLS Banners offers three sizes, small, medium, and large. Each size was carefully planned in order to meet the needs of buyers.

Which flag size is right for you?

Deciding which size of feather flags you need is a matter of environment. Will you be indoors or outdoors? Where will you be displaying your flag? In a hallway, sidewalk, or other location?

Smaller feather flags may better suit indoor environments where space is more restrictive. Larger flags might do better outdoors where they will be more visible to ongoing foot or vehicle traffic.  Choose from 8ft small12ft medium or 16ft large feather flags.

Outdoor Display

Visibility is an important factor in displaying a flag outdoors. Roadside flags need to be able to catch the eye of oncoming motorists. Outside your place of business next to a road or sidewalk, events like carnivals or fairs, or even outdoor community events, are great places to show off feather flags.

Large flags can help make your booth or tent stand out in a crowd. Depending on your outdoor location, you will need to decide on a small 8ft, medium 10ft or large 13ft feather flag. Moreover, depending on the ground you intend to place it on, choosing the appropriate bases and hardware will be helpful. Our feather flag kits are a great place to start if you would like to purchase a flag and base together for your outdoor feather flag.

Indoor Display

An indoor display is a different matter. Flags are great advertising tools for trade shows and indoor malls. More than likely, space will be limited indoors, making small or medium flags the perfect candidate for indoor display. They will be great for attracting attention and improving brand image but will fit indoors and not get in the way.

Be sure to measure the height of your ceilings if they are low and also leave plenty of room for foot traffic to move around the feather flags. An x-base is ideal for an indoor use, add a water bag for more stability. Learn more and understand which base is best for my feather flag.

Pin Flag Style Options

Full-size golf pin flags (14″ X 20″) now come in two styles, the traditional with header and three brass grommets or the tube insert style.

Tube Insert Style Golf Pin Flag

The tube insert style simply slips over the top of the pin, the ties and flag swivel are not needed. The flag is held just with the acorn nut on top of the pin.

Practice green flags are available in the tube style only. They are 5in X 8in and can be ordered blank in several colors, numbered, or with a custom imprints as well as our stock design imprints. practice green 5in X 8in

A swivel may be needed with traditional style if not available from your greenskeeper.

For More information see: Golf Flag Hardware

StandOut Golf Pin Flag

The Stand-Out™ Golf Flag has an arm in the top that allows the flag to swivel and flap in the breeze, but the image is always visible. No wind; no problem!

Traditional Style Golf Pin Flag

The traditional style has been used forever and golf courses generally have the hardware to tie the flags onto the pins. This style is best if you want to frame the flags after the event or use them for autographs if yours is a celebrity event.

PPAI & SAGE Member

FLS Banners is known for custom printed display manufacturing. We are also the oldest custom digital printed fabric supplier in the country. All of our products are made right here in the United States.

We continue to support American businesses and workers, even during challenging times. Our company is proud to have built a reputation for quality work and affordable pricing.

To deliver the printed products you need, we are proud to be PPAI and SAGE members. These memberships mean you can leverage our expertise in manufacturing and color reproduction. You can manufacture virtually any design to create a textile product your clients will love. You will benefit from the business management support you need to continue delivering top-quality products for your clients’ needs.



How FLS Banners’ SAGE Membership Helps You

SAGE provides innovative business solutions in the printing industry, including launching user-friendly websites, connecting with distributors, and education in the printing world. With a SAGE subscription, those in the promotional products industry also benefit from the software’s business management features. These perks benefit you by helping us reduce questions and lead times, resulting in better quality printed products on every order.

As part of our SAGE membership, we are also a PPAI member. PPAI offers several membership perks, including discounts with shipping providers, access to networking events, and education in the promotional products field. These benefits translate into savings for you every time you order printed products from FLS Banners.

As a SAGE member print company, we can provide you a more diverse product offering available at your fingertips. As a PPAI member print company, we offer savings and convenience that comes with buying directly from the manufacturer.

We Know Color and What It Means

We have been producing dye sublimation printed products since 1984. Our founder, Wm Goettelman, was a pioneer in digital dye sublimation printing. Mr. Goettelman converted one of the first digital printers for sublimation printing use. He was also instrumental in developing color management, inks, and coatings commonly used today.

This spirit of innovation and problem solving continues today at FLS. This is evident when offering custom product solutions for large and small companies and brands worldwide. We know color and what it means for a brand. FLS ensures consistency when moving from print technologies and various substrates.

If your client needs print fabrics for displays, point of purchase, or other branding and advertising opportunities, look to FLS. We have the experience, technology, and desire to ensure the only surprise your client experiences is how happy they are with the results.

Wholesale Printing for The Trade

When your franchise or corporate client needs a large volume of custom printing, you can trust the project to FLS Banners. We print promotional products, banners, flags, displays, and more. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring you and your client are fully satisfied with the final printed product. No job is too big, and wholesale printing is never a problem with FLS Banners.

FLS Banners is here to serve your business with expertly printed products, stock, or custom. Call today to discuss your needs for standard or custom solutions. Let our experienced team help you with custom printing today.

Custom Orders

Custom Printed Orders

Do you have a need for a custom fabric products?  Maybe it’s cover for you trade show crate or custom sizes table.  We have created a custom booth or point of purchase display to showcase your company and its products and need something other than the run of the mill sizes or finishing to make it all work.  Look no further than FLS Banners for a partner that can deliver. FLS has more than 40 years experience making custom fabric products.  Banners, Flags, Table Covers, Backdrops, Hanging Signs and more.  We love rising to a new challenge and working with creative people to make dreams a reality.

Connect with one of solution experts today and get your project moving forward – contact us.

Quality Digital Printing

FLS Banners has the experience to provide you with most of your large format digital printing requirements. By digital printing we mean any design that is printed directly from the computer to the substrate by means of a large format ink jet printer. Digital printing circumvents the need for “set ups” required for screen or offset printing, thereby saving money, especially on small quantities. large format digital printing ofr table covers, banners and flags

Table covers with an all over print allow you to make a dramatic statement at trade shows, job fairs, and product demonstrations. Our digital printing capabilities allow full coverage, top, front, ends and back to co-ordinate your look and make you stand above the crowd.

With all work being done “in house”, delivery schedules and quality are under strict control.

When the new management of a local Ford dealership need new temporary signage we provided a large format banner that suited perfectly. The rugged outdoor durability and good looks of this material make it the right choice for short run banners exposed to the elements.

Large format digital printing is also used to produce flags in various sizes for any number of end uses. The quick turn around and design flexibility give your graphics people freedom to create flag displays that would have been cost prohibitive in the past.

For more information on any of these products, or answers to questions concerning submitting art or designing layouts, please contact us.